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Dr. Nathan Hansen

Dr. Hansen's undergraduate background is in Exercise Science and Human Performance. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College, where he was also certified in Whole Foods Nutrition, chiropractic management for pregnant and pediatric patients, and sports injury management. Dr. Hansen's past clinical experience includes rotations at VA Medical Center in Bath, NY, Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester, NY, and St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center in Rochester, NY.

Dr. Hansen is married to Dr. Angel Hansen and has a corgi named Corgs. He has a love for all sports and is an avid weightlifter. He played college tennis for 3 years at Edinboro University and was an assistant coach at Slippery Rock University. His love of chiropractic care and working with patients came from always wanting to help individuals be their best. These inspirations were motivated by his father who is also in the medical field.


My Story

 I have been very active during my life, starting at a young age. Exercise and sports have been an important part of life while growing up. I like to stay active and continue to teach sports and fitness to people in the community. I have been involved in teaching tennis lessons and going to tournaments. I also play soccer which I started playing as a child. I have worked at different parks and sports camps to help teach and inspire children and adults the joys of learning a sport they can play with the benefit of staying active throughout their lives. 


My father is in the medical field as a PTA ( Physical Therapist Assistant). His care and compassion to help others regain their health led me on the path to become a Chiropractic Dr.  My mother is a Professional Dog Groomer who has experienced back issues throughout her life and has received Chiropractic care throughout her career, which has allowed her to continue her work.

Their life instances are a part of what led me to learn more about holistic care and its benefits to one's health and well being.


As I continue to grow and gain experience as a Chiropractor I have made it my mission to give the best care possible to each and every patient that comes into my office. I want to offer and share to the community the knowledge I have acquired concerning the mechanics of the body, physical fitness, sports activities and overall general health and well being.


Don't hesitate to contact the office via Phone or Email. We are happy to assist in any way possible.


Working Hours

Monday: 8:00AM - 12:00PM

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Tuesday: 8:00AM - 12:00PM

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Friday: 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Saturday: Closed

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