Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hansen Chiropractic?​​

  • At Hansen Chiropractic we strive to give the best care possible for each individual patient. Dr. Hansen has worked with many different patients and issues. Each treatment is tailored specifically for the patient. We look to educate and teach along with helping the patient improve in the office and in their daily lives. No matter the complaint we will take the time for you and listen to your cares and concerns. 

What can Chiropractic care do for you?​​

  • Chiropractic care is a holistic type of medicine. We take a conservative approach towards your health. The technique of adjusting the spine and extremities is used to facilitate a healing affect where your body heals itself but with support. Chiropractic care also involves soft tissue mobilization and therapeutic exercise, stretching. Each in tandem with each other. 

Do you Adjust/Treat on the first visit?​​

  • At Hansen Chiropractic we typically treat on the first visit depending on the complaint and its severity. If tests or imaging is required treatment may be set for next visit when the Doctor has the necessary information. Our reasoning for treatment on the first visit gives the doctor and patient indication on what to expect. Treatment on the first visit allows for the doctor to see the response of the patient towards treatment.

What does treatment consist of?​​

  • Treatment will consist of adjustments/mobilizations, soft tissue modalities, exercise/stretching active and passive. Each visit is different for the patient and doctor which means that more or less may be needed under the discretion of the doctor. This is all for the benefit of the patient so they respond to the treatment and return to optimal health.

What is the treatment plan comprised of?​​

  • The treatment plan is set in three phases. First phase is the Rehabilitative phase where the most treatment will be involved to decrease pain, create change, and educate. Second phase is the Preventative phase which involves a steady decrease in visits, continued change, reduction in pain, and necessary changes to the exercise/stretching routine. The third phase is the maintenance phase which is to determine the patients phase out of the first two phases and continued home exercises, stretches, with minimal patient visits.

Do you give exercise/stretching routines?​​

  • The doctor creates an exercise and stretching routine specifically made for the patient and their complaint as part of the treatment plan. This routine is changed as the patient continues through their phases of treatments. The routines are meant to educate the patient and allow them to perform at home. 

What causes low back pain?​​

  • Low back pain can come from multiple areas. The most common reason for back pain is repetition of a poor movement, over reaching or stretching, and excessive weight on the region. This leads to but not limited by causes of  back pain which can include muscle spasms, disc issues, pinched nerve, muscular strains, and ligament sprains. Some are more severe then others but should never be avoided. Pain may go away in time but without proper care it can cause recurring issues. 

What causes Neck pain?​​

  • Neck pain may caused by multiple issues. The most common is individuals who are looking down at their phones or are working from home. These put the neck into an uncomfortable position. Neck issues may also arise from disc issues, muscle spasms, shoulder dysfunctions, and mid back dysfunctions. Many neck issues lead to headaches which may not go away depending on the issue.